Characters from Jack and the Beanstalk


All characters will be required to sing as part of a group. Certain characters will have solo’s or will sing as part of a smaller group. Everyone will be involved in group dance sequences and some will have basic choreography for their musical numbers.

In order of appearance:

Simple Simon
Male (25-45)
Jack’s dimwitted brother. Must have good comic timing and be able to play stupid without overplaying it. Likeable character, good improv skills and must be able to react quickly to audience. Some solo songs.

Dame Lumpydrawers
Male (30+)
Jack’s mom. As her name suggests, she is the pantomime Dame and, along with Simon will be the source of much of the comedy so timing and well paced delivery is essential. Good improv skills, able to think quickly and react to the situation around her. Some solo’s as part of others songs.

Male/Female (18-30)
The hero of the story, he is brave and selfless. Looks after his slower brother. Must be likeable with good comic timing. Will be the straight man for many of the gags but ultimately on a quest for love. Has a fight scene with the Giant. Solo song.

Witch 1/Witch 2/Witch 3
Females (any age)
The villains of the story. They work for the Giant. They are comic characters so must have good delivery and timing. Must be comfortable being the bad guy and being booed and jeered at by the audience. Sing together and with individual sections.

Landlord Grantham
Male (plays 40+)
Mary’s father and landlord of the village. Dame Lumpydrawers is a tenant of his who is behind on her rent. He is also the unwilling subject of her romantic attention. Starts off as a mean man but eventually is turned around by the end of the play. Possible dual role, could also play the Giant. Minor singing.

Lady Mary
Female (18-30)
Mary is set to inherit her father’s wealth and title so she’s learning the ropes. Starts off mean but quickly becomes Jack’s love interest. Characters is turned around by the end of the play. Possible solo performance.

Daisy (2 people)
Male/Female (any age)
Daisy is Jack and Simon’s cow and their way to economic security… if they can sell her for the right price. The two people playing this role (one front, one back) will also play additional roles when not playing Daisy. She’s a cow… but even cows sing. Sort of.

Giant Green
Male (30+)
May be dual cast as Landlord Grantham. Preferably will be physically large. As expected, the Giant lives at the top of the beanstalk and has precious treasures he wants to protect from “humans”. The witches are his servants and their role is to find children for him to eat. Has a fight scene with Jack. Group singing.

Stephen Harp
Male/Female (any age)
Stephen is the magic harp belonging to the Giant. He suffers from musical Tourette’s where he just blurts out song lyrics uncontrollably. Should be able to sing (a little) or at least be able to carry a tune.

Gregory Goose
Male/Female (any age)
Gregory is literally the goose that lays the golden egg. He behaves a bit like a spoilt teenager. Has some comedic moments so good timing and good visual comedic skills would be an asset. Solo song.

Lady Jane
Female (8-14)
Lady Jane is Lady Mary’s younger sister who is captured by the witches. She has a few lines and delivers them with the sass of a tweenager! Sings as part of a larger group.

Skeletons (2 of)
Male/Female (any age)
The skeletons will be used in a chase scene. Small role, will also play villagers/children. No singing as skeletons but would sing in a group as villagers/children.

Villagers/Children (approx 6 adults/6 children)
Males/Females (any age)
Although these characters do not have many lines, they play an important part in fleshing out a number of scenes. Would be ideal as a parent/child(ren) team. A great way to spend some quality time doing a fun activity together as a family. The villagers/children will also be involved in a few group musical numbers.


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