Characters from Cinderella

Here you will find a profile of the principal characters in Cinderella.


Cinderella is a real sweetheart.  After losing her mother, her father remarried and then mysteriously he passed away too.  Now Cinderella is left downtrodden by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters but because she has a warm spirit, she just about manages to keep smiling... but it's starting to get too much for her.  She wants to meet someone who can take her away from it all but not just anyone, someone who has the same morales and values as she does.  A nice boy, if you will.  She longs to fall in love.

Cinderella is a young girl and she's "the girl next door" kind of pretty - provided you live next door to someone really pretty.

She is also multi-talented, by that we mean she can sing and dance but she has also become a dab-hand at washing the dishes while sweeping the floor too.

As you would imagine, since the whole production is named after her, this is the lead role.



What can one say about Buttons (except if you feel a draught, ensure they're fastened)?

Buttons is our tragic character, sure he's funny and always quick with a one liner or a good old fashioned satirical comeback but inside his poor little heart is breaking.  Buttons is the man servant (and we use the word "man" loosely) in Cinderella's household.  He's been there for years, since he was a boy in fact, he used to love working at the house but since Cinderella's wicked stepmother came to town, life has been, how can I put it... erm.... rubbish.  He's been terribly mistreated and the wicked stepmother still can't remember his name.  The only reason he is still around is Cinderella.  He loves her so much but can't bring himself to tell her... or can he?

Buttons is a guy, probably a few years older than Cinderella.  He's not dashingly handsome or strong - he's certainly not blessed in the brains department in fact, the only thing remarkable about Buttons is the fact that everything about him is so ordinary.  He can hold a tune but would never make the final 20 on Canadian Idol.  He'd be lucky to escape the stage unscathed at a local pub karaoke night.  He doesn't dance... nobody has ever asked him.  But he can ride a bike.

A key character to move the story along and be there as the support that Cinderella needs to accomplish her dreams.  Buttons is the principal male in this production.


Prince Charming

Could his initials foretell his longings for a world of political correctness?  Well, if they are, he's in the wrong place... we'll have none of that silliness here.

As the worlds most eligible bachelor, Prince Charming longs to be recognised as a real person and not just the face on a stamp.  He has emotions and feelings and all that other gooey stuff that chicks dig but they never get to see it.  Can he devise a way of escaping the shackles of royalty for one day to be like everyone else and perhaps get a shot at true love?  No!  But maybe his best friend and confidant Dandini can help him out.

Picture Prince Charming as a less annoying version of Hugh Grant, not that there could be a more annoying version.

Prince Charming has a number of duets with Cinderella so he must be able to sing and dance.


Wicked Stepmother - Imagonna

Now nobody is suggesting that Imagonna Getamanovic (a questionably moraled lady of Russian descent) started out life to be a big meanie, but that's certainly what she turned into.

After Cinderella's mom passed away, leaving her father to bring her up by himself, he was like a deer in the headlights.  What makes this more unfortunate is that headlights hadn't been invented back then.  He was in trouble so he did what any sane man would have done.  He hooked himself up with a dial-a-bride from Russia.  Unbeknownst to him, his bride-to-be wasn't all that her profile revealed, and let's be honest, that never happens.  Far from the nobility he had been lead to believe she was, he found himself shacked up with a street urchin and her two vindictive daughters.

Initially things went well and, although not everyone saw eye-to-eye, nobody got murdered.  That was until somebody got murdered.  Sorry, we're supposed to say "allegedly" here because when Cinderella's father perished, the cause of death was never proven.

The stepmother is a wirey old bird probably in her late 40's early 50's.  She has nothing nice to say about anyone except her two daughters.  She treats Cinderella like her personal slave and can't remember Buttons' name.


Ugly Stepsister #1 - Ivana

Ivana Gettamanovic is the younger but equally as unattractive daughter of Imagonna.  As stepsister to Cinderella, there's not a day goes by in which she isn't mean to her.  If she's not making Cinderella sweep her room for her, she's ganging up on her with her mother to devise some other disgusting job.

Ivy, as she is "affectionately" known is tall and skinny and is around the same age as Cinderella.  Like Cinderella, she wants to get a man but isn't adverse to putting those ideas on hold so that she can derail any Cinderella's rare attempts at the same.  Who will come out on top in this production.  There could be a hidden twist... but there probably isn't.

Just like her larger than life sister, the role of Ivanna is played by a man in lady clothes.  We just didn't think we'd ever find an actress to play "ugly"... for a start, how would you go about telling her that she didn't need makeup?

A lot of the jokes and humour come from the two sisters so their timing has to be bang on.  They may be required to do a little dancing and singing but the worse that is the better.


Fairy Godmother

Our Fairy Godmother is one cool chick.  In addition to miraculous spells and cunning disguises, she's an iPod carrying disc jockey.

Her mission in life (or whatever it is that fairies call life) is to ensure that Cinderella's existence is not a complete misery.  Unfortunately she's a bit late to the party, unlike Cinderella who has to leave the party early (oops! I forgot to say "spoiler alert), she now has some serious catching up to do.  Can she turn things around?

Of all the female parts this is the most open... oh come on, let's not sink to that kind of humour here.  You know what I mean, you show me yours and I'll tell you whether it's good enough.  I'm talking about your interpretation of fairyhood of course... some people!



Ugly Stepsister #2 - Ilnyeva

Ilnyeva Gettamanovic goes by the shortened name Illy.  Perhaps this is because this is how people feel when they meet her.  To counterbalance her tall, skinny sister, Illy only felt that it was right for her to adopt a short and stout frame.  Although she casts the bigger shadow, she has actually grown up in the shadow of her younger more aggressive sister.  Partially because her personality is a little gentler than Ivy's but mainly because she's a bit slow.

She too would do anything to get a man and men would do anything to get out of getting got.

The two sisters fight and bicker between themselves constantly but when it comes to joining forces against Cinderella, they're like Batman and Robin.  Like Batman and Robin, this role is played by a larger gentleman wearing ill fitting tights.

Although she tries to give as good as she gets, when it's not Cinderella, Illy is probably the target of most of her sisters snide remarks.  Other jokes come thick and fast so like her rather manly sister, timing has to be like a chicken with no beak... impeccable.

She likes cherry both the Don and pie varieties.



Dandini is a bit of a jack-the-lad.  He's missed his best friend Prince Charming, or Charmers as he calls him, who has been traveling, but now he's back it's time to get some girls.

Mistakenly identified as the Prince, he finds himself being pursued by the Ugly Stepsisters and has to find a way of letting them down gently without hurting their feelings.  He fails.

Not a principal role and with no singing and dancing, Danidini's only real character markers are that he's a bit of a loud "tries-too-hard" kind of guy.  He's also not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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