Murder at the High School Reunion

Zeus Entertainment has been thrilled to entertain audiences over the last five years with its' own brand of irreverent humour.  We've introduced a whole new generation to the wonder and spectacle of pantomime... and for that we make no apologies.  It was inspirational to have young people coming up to us after the shows and explaining how the show was better than their video games and less-young people telling us how our shows reminded them of the shows they used to go to when they were small.  I believe they meant that in a good way!

But it's time to move on to something new and different... Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.  "Ahah!", you cry, "That's been done hundreds of times before!"  Yes, that may be but did I mention that this was a musical too?  That's right "Musical Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre".  Not shouting so loud now, are you?  If anything this truly is pantomime strictly for the grown ups with some of our double entendres being replaced with single entendres.  And, where else are you going to have a mouth watering three-course dinner, while knocking back a couple of "sociable beverages" and being entertained... to death!  But, like any good infomercial it doesn't stop there, order now and you can join us after the show as we crank up the tunes of yesteryear to 11 and dance the rest of the night away with our Retro Disco!

Zeus Entertainment has joined forces with hilarious comedian Chelsea Larkin of DSL Communications who helped us to launch our first show Cinderella back in 2011, to bring you MURDER AT THE HIGH SCHOOL REUNION.  For more details and to purchase tickets, check out the website at

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The Who?

You may be asking yourself "who are these people?" - fair question.  We're a group of extremely talented actors, singers and dancers who just can't wait to perform for you.

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The What?

The recipe for pantomime takes 4 parts comedy, 2 parts singing and 1 part dancing and bakes it in a theatre full of fun-loving families for 2 hours.  If you still don't know what it is, we suggest you read on!

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The When?

Jack and the Beanstalk is our third pantomime, and will be on stage in December 2014 with shows before and after Christmas. Follow the link for actual dates and times.

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The Where?

Once again, we are extremely excited to bring our own brand of wacky family fun to one of the regions best venues, the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.  Intimate and luxurious.

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The Why?

We asked ourselves that too (several times) but the answer is simple.  We love to perform and make people laugh and we want to show that good, family entertainment doesn't have to cost the earth.

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